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Product Details:

DMX512/1990 standard, the maximum 768 DMX control channels, two optoelectronic isolation signal output.
Maximum control of 32 computer lights or 32 road dimming.
Generated lamp Library
A backlit LCD display, which shows a switchable interface in both English and Chinese.
Built in graphic track generator, there are 135 built-in graphics, which is convenient for users to control the trajectory of computer lights, such as circles, helix, rainbow, chase and so on.
The graphic parameters (such as amplitude, speed, interval, wave, direction) can be set independently and easily and quickly to make the desired shape and scene.
Each scene can save 5 of the number of graphics; at the same time, the number of graphics can be run 10.
You can store 60 reacting scenes to store multistep scenes and single step scenes.
Each multistep scene can store up to 600 single steps at most.
12 reacting scenes can be output and run at the same time.
With the root set control push rod. Key point control and push rod set control compatibility.
The data of shutdown or sudden power outage can be kept in memory.
The U disk can backup the data of the console and support the reimport to the console, and the data of the same type control desk can be shared.
Support remote software upgrades, and add new functions whenever and wherever.
The preposition push rod can control the property of the computer lamp, and the attribute control is more convenient and quick.
Support the immediate black field
Product size: 480*230*90
Net weight: 3.7KG
Power: AC 100 -240V / 50-60Hz.

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