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Product Details:

Tiger touch computer lamp console
The use of powerful Titan operating system, Core Duo processor, 60G ssd,
2G memory; supports the Chinese menu display, and has a built-in multi - country language, with a 15.4 inch touch screen.
And it can extend a 17 Inch Touch screen, 4 DMX output ports, and 4096 DMX channels.
Support Artnet, and can be extended to 12 DMX output ports, 6144 DMX channels,
10 macro keys, can edit any program, 20 replay putter, support 1000 virtual replay,
Powerful CMY palette functionality; support graffiti style handwriting and naming functions, support the CITP protocol,
Can preview the built-in material of the server or the digital lamp, reserve an external WI-FI access point,
Ipod Touch and iPhone can be used for remote control, and thousands of lamp libraries are built.
Built-in lamp library editing software, built-in Visualiser visual stage simulation software,
Support video, MIDI time code control, remote control by the MIDI / replay button,
Built-in pixel mapping and built-in graphics generator.
Product size: 680*450*160mm package size: 745*500*295mm
Product weight: 13.8Kg packing weight: 31Kg (air box)

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